The Inaugural Post

Our first post should help clear up why we are calling this the “Not a Legal Blog.” Legal news, statutory updates, and court opinions are great, but the general public is not typically coming to a law firm’s website to catch up on the latest appellate decision. If you are interested in that, law schools are accepting applications. We will occasionally post about those issues, but the focus of the blog will be more varied. 

Most people are coming to a website seek advice. The best legal advice is given in person, not through a blog. Check out our FAQs for when we feel it is necessary to speak to attorney. Then you may ask what is the purpose of a blog on a firm’s websites? Constantly updating your site with new posts helps keep your site higher in the search listing. Throwing out buzzwords helps too, like personal injury, arrest, legal,…etc. We are here to post about a wide variety of topics, including state and local areas of interest, sports talk, cultural events, and yes, even legal matters. Just remember, that while you may see some law here, this is NOT A LEGAL BLOG.